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Auto Junk Yards in WV

The retail industry is not generally kind to preowned parts sellers. While most car parts stores sell only new or aftermarket parts, locating a source in states like West Virginia for used components is not easy. The auto junk yards in WV that are featured in the one-click inventory finder on this website bring hope to auto owners in the Appalachian region of the U.S.

What is the difference between salvage and used? That is a question that crosses the mind of most parts buyers who are not experts in the auto industry. The two types can be classified as being the same although what separates the two is the method of acquisition. Buying a used vehicle part through a junk yard is possible because of salvage dealers selling to yard owners.

Used Car Parts in the Mountain State

A large portion of vehicles that are on country roads and on highways are preowned. This means that a person is usually liable to purchase his or her own components when a failure happens. New car owners who depend on a manufacturer warranty never worry about car parts replacements. For residents of the 55 counties in West Virginia, paying retail prices for automobile components is not an option.

A new source used by salvage companies to acquire components is by contacting recyclers. Men and women who find and buy junk cars, vans or trucks are now providing a helpful service to the second hand parts industry. Without this new source of parts, some people will continue raising prices and offering low quality motor vehicle components for retail sale.

Compare WV Salvage Yards Prices

What LocateCarParts.com offers is a simple and effective method for comparing different company prices. Because there are hundreds of companies now competing for consumer purchases, the range of salvage yard inventory pricing is varied. This offers a person more savings when it comes to replacing foreign or domestic car engines, auto glass, transmissions or turbos.

Even a $1 different between the retail price could persuade a consumer to choose one dealer over the other. The competitive marketplace in WV, OH and PA has actually helped car owners, body shop mechanics and car restorers along the East Coast.

Local Salvage Yards Search in WV

To find immediate prices for secondary market automotive parts, choose the year and the model of a vehicle using the inventory tool on this page. An instant connection to salvage dealers in Charleston, Clarksburg, Wheeling, Fairmont, Morgantown, West Columbia, Parkersburg, Oak Hill, Point Pleasant, Huntington, Williamson, Martinsburg, Chester, Pennsboro, St. Marys and other cities is made. What is returned is a range of pricing that can be evaluated and parts can be ordered easily.