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Automobile Center Consoles

The consoles now used inside cars, trucks, SUVs or vans are built to last for import and domestic installations. New polymers are now used to make plastic stronger and less susceptible to cracking like in older vehicles. Both European and American style automobile center consoles can be purchased right on this website. The good news for auto parts buyers is that each component is an OEM build ready for shipment.

Interior Center Console Types

Depending on the automaker, a console could be just a drink holder or a small storage case. Vehicles built after 1995 are now improved to include lids, covers and a complete organizer. A person who will select a used console for a car should know that latches are not included in some retailer inventories. Automakers such as Ford, Chevy, Ram, Honda and Dodge are now installing some electronics inside of center consoles making it more difficult to buy an aftermarket replacement.

The two basic formats for automotive consoles are ABS plastic and padded. It is more common to find plastic center consoles compared to ones that are covered in cloth or padding. An issue that some people have when a preowned unit is located is that the color does not match the intended vehicle. There are second hand units that include an arm rest or a connected floor console.

Floor or Center Hump Consoles

The size of a vehicle usually determines the positioning of a center or floor designed console. While many units are one-piece designs, there are others that require a two-piece installation. There are connectors and latches that must be included when a person buys a used car console. As a consumer, double checking that all included accessories are present at the time of purchase is a good tip.

American and European vehicles built after 2005 typically come standard with a mini USB or full-size USB port in a center or floor console. These jacks can include additional smartphone power plugs and extra 12v jacks. Audi, Cadillac, Lincoln, Buick, Tesla, Jeep and Dodge motor vehicles of all types now have standard installations of electronics inside of a center console.

Buy Replacement OEM Center Consoles

Any person can buy an aftermarket or custom built console for most vehicle types. While these units are found on the Internet, there are never any guarantees that the size and shape will fit perfectly in a floor or center mounted space. By choosing an original equipment manufacturer design, a swap can be conducted smoothly and without problems for every vehicle brand.

To search the thousands of used center consoles on sale here, enter the model and the automaker year of production into the warehouse system. After a quick price calculation, a sale price will be delivered. Entering a VIN number can assure the correct assembly is featured. Every preowned automobile center console assembly sold here comes with a buyer guarantee in writing.