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Automotive Fuse Blocks for Sale

A 12V 30A fuse box is used in cars, trucks, SUVs and vans to provide power to a range of equipment. Each fuse inside of the mechanism is rated for specific flows of electricity. All automakers rely on the use of electrical junction boxes in two-door and four-door automobiles. LCP provides OEM automotive fuse boxes for sale that are in used condition for consumers to purchase.

Flashers, Relays and Terminals

When automakers manufacture vehicles, the majority of electrical components use a portion of the power supplied by the fuse block. This includes flashing units for lights, radio, Bluetooth and other devices that are essential for car owners. All circuit breaker systems are rated for the exact current needed to maintain correct operation of an automobile.

Universal Fuse Assemblies Aftermarket

When OEM manufacturing is not available, third-party companies supply what are are known as a universal fit assembly. These units are not guaranteed to fit or operate like an originally installed component. Most stores that retail replacement vehicle parts rely on this type of inventory. LocateCarParts.com supplies what might be the best web resource to purchase factory fuse blocks and terminal blocks for major brands of vehicles.

The auto fuses and relays that are part of a regular assembly must be tested and changed through the duration of car ownership. While these smaller components can be swapped, it is common for a problem to appear in the main block system. Wiring can become frayed or a cold solder joint can inhibit a good connection.

Power and Ground Junction Boxes

A complete mechanism is not always required to fix a wiring problem. A ground box or a power box might be separate from the actual fuse box inside of a foreign or domestic car or truck. Someone who does not have an OEM part number, but knows the model year of a motor vehicle can search on LCP for related inventory. Under the hood mounting is common for most brands of cars.

Auto owners who prefer to make modifications to the power level can optionally install terminal junction boxes for a revised system. There are generally 6, 8, 10 and 16-way boxes available.

Costs for Used Automotive Fuse Boxes

Instead of buying an aftermarket replacement, getting the best of the best parts that have been removed from a working vehicle is the best strategy. Accurate inventory is promoted on this page as well as more than one salvage supplier ready to ship ordered components. The discounts and freight information that is supplied is unique to each provider.

LocateCarParts.com has millions of unique SKU numbers inside of the real time database that is linked through the interchange system provided here online. Searches take place here 24/7 to find a relay, flasher, junction or complete terminal box at the best web price.