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Cheap Car Hoods for Sale

Recycled parts for cars do include OEM hoods found for a sale price online. The difference between the MSRP at an automotive dealership and what a retailer sells parts for is known as the discount price. When buying through salvage sellers, cheap car hoods for sale can be found although quality levels do vary. This website provides the most complete used hoods inventory for all makes and models of motor vehicles.

OEM Versus Carbon or Fiberglass

There are now 3 main types of automobile hoods that are available for the average person to buy. The first type, OEM, is still the most trusted and most requested. These are the very same builds that automakers install into all new and restored vehicles. The second type, carbon fiber, is an aftermarket build. These are built to help people who cannot afford an original hood.

The third type is fiberglass and is the lowest quality. These are meant for installation in project cars and vehicles that are not used much on the road. Fiberglass often cracks and can warp with changing weather conditions. A carbon fiber hood can be installed on show vehicles and to reduce the weight of a metal OEM hood.

Hood Scoop and Flat Style Hoods

Automakers produce hoods in a number of different builds. The purpose of a hood used to be protection for an I4, V6 or V8 motor block. While protection is still important, styling has now made it possible to get more air flow to a motor. Import or domestic vehicle hood scoops can be found in automaker inventories. This is in comparison to the flat hood styles. Cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans can use one or more combinations of a hood.

Where can I buy a hood for my car? That seems to be the question that auto owners usually ask. The good news is once the type of replacement part is determined the next step is buying it. There are auto hoods that are OEM that are featured on this website. These come from auto junk yards and top salvage suppliers. This provides the best variety of car hood types for people who will replace a bent, creased or crushed hood.

Buy Replacement Hoods Here

Damage from wind, hail, water, fire, rocks, crashes or rust can lead a person to seek a replacement automobile hood online. When dealership warranties have expired, the next best thing to buying a brand new car hood is buying a used condition version. The units on sale at this website are pulled right from actual vehicles. The color might not match although these can be painted. Each product comes with a guarantee and is a complete build.