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Discount Heater Core Units OEM

When no heat is available inside of a vehicle, the likely cause is a bad heater core. Many automobile owners experience such a problem during the length of time a car, truck, van or SUV is owned. Most dealerships service recently purchased vehicles although most problems can occur with a used vehicle. Trying to find a cheap heater core for sale is easy when the right resource is tapped. LCP has the largest salvage parts inventory in North America.

Troubleshooting Heater Core Problems

Nearly anything can go wrong when a part is older than five years. American and foreign automotive manufacturers outsource the majority of parts production to different parts of the world. To correctly diagnose a problem with the heater core in a vehicle, several checkpoints must be verified before coming to a conclusion that a problem actually exists.

1. Gurgling from Radiator
2. Noticeable Fluid Leak
3. Windshield is Fogged
4. Carpet is Wet in Vehicle

Noises can come from a radiator when coolant is not properly flowing to enter to a heater core. The heat that is not used by the vehicle and is dissipated is sent to the core pipes for use as internal heating. A gurgling noise can be the sign that pipes are broken, bent or leaking.

Fluid used to cool a motor vehicle has a distinct smell. Transmission fluids, gasoline, antifreeze and other lubricants are instantly recognizable when they are leaking out. It is common when a problem happens to a heating system for coolant to enter inside of a vehicle or leak out when parked.

The gases created when fluids are mixed can easily fog up a windshield or driver side mirror. Fog that cannot be cleaned using regular cleaning products might be the sign that gasses leaking from the heating system have entered onto the windshield. This is one sign that a replacement unit is needed.

A wet carpet, floor mat or plastic insert inside of a vehicle can be due to leaking coolant inside of the complete heating core. Smells from the fluid are one of the first things that a person will notice. While a leak can be fixed, the delivery and exit pipes might need to be replaced to prevent future leaks.

Replacement Heat Cores in Stock

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