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Used Harmonic Balancers for Sale Prices

The vibration that comes from the crankshaft in a vehicle must be absorbed by components to ease the ride of all passengers in an automobile. The harmonic balancer is the key to leveling out the noise and impact from pot holes, cracks or other imperfections on roadways. LocateCarParts.com promotes used harmonic balancers for all vehicle types. People trying to find OEM parts with accurate SKU numbers use this definitive website online.

3 Things That Cause Crankshaft Dampers to Fail

1. Heat
2. Lack of Lubrication
3. Deteriorated Clutch or Bolts

How Heat and Vibration Hurt Rubber Sleeves

The average motor block puts out hundreds of degrees of Fahrenheit. While there are safeguards in place like a firewall, these products do little to protect the balancer or pulley system from repeated explore to high temperatures. A person who experiences a lot of noise, grinding or a bumpy ride could have balance shaft mechanism going bad due to heat issues. It is possible for the rubber sleeve to be replaced, but it might not solve the issue.

Crankshaft Problems Due to Lubrication

Every shaft that is connected to a motor needs some type of lubricant. This helps with heat dispersion and also protects the shaft from excessive rotations. It is common for boots and belts to become frayed or damaged if a lubricant has failed. UV rays from the sun or salt in cold weather climates contribute to the deterioration of a crankshaft or its damper system. An inspection of the shaft, drive belts or seals can determine if a full unit must be replaced or can be repaired.

Rusted Drive Bolts or Clutches

Depressing the clutch in a manual or automatic shift transmission requires force that is absorbed by a spring mechanism. The crankshaft can then move forward as long as there is enough momentum from all four tires on a vehicle. When drive bolts are rusted, the harmonic balancer assembly can become very noisy. A pulley can wear out, parts can be loosened and acceleration can be more difficult when a problem is not fixed. A used harmonic balancer for cars and trucks is likely the best case scenario to fix most problems.

Prices for Preowned OEM Crankshaft Parts Online

The costs at a local repair facility can be upwards of $600 USD to fix a broken harmonic balancer for most vehicle brands. A person who is out to save a few bucks can often do the repair in under two hours. By searching every North American and Canadian junk yard on this website, prices are available to review and shipping estimates are provided. The database of used condition automobile parts accessible is a super fast way to buy undercarriage components for foreign and domestic automobiles online.