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Used Clutch Master Cylinder for Sale

The clutch in a manual transmission vehicle uses a master cylinder to control hydraulic fluid delivery. A secondary reservoir is utilized to store the right amount of lubrication to allow a gearbox to shift into the next gear without excessive force. The integrity of this system is dependent on the master and slave system working…

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Used Windshield Wiper Motors for Sale

When front or rear windshield wipers stop working, automobile owners are left with two choices. The first choice is to buy an OEM product from a car dealership. The second choice is to buy through a second hand resource. Each source provides the correct product, but there is a huge difference in the selling price.…

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Used Transmission Control Modules

The automatic transmission now receives control from smart modules that are produced by automakers globally. The sensors inside the module are an upgrade to the classic governor units found in hydraulic gearboxes. All vehicles built after 1990 have one or more modules controlling different aspects of speed and shifting. LCP provides access to find and…

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Used Power Steering Pumps All Models

Hydraulic fluid is now used in most power steering pumps found in all brands of automobiles. The average person learns quickly how much a replacement pump can cost when a problem is noticed. To avoid paying high mechanic fees, many people are turning to the salvage industry to find preowned auto parts for sale. The…

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Used ABS Pump for Sale OEM Pullouts

The pump used inside of anti lock brake systems is responsible for delivering hydraulic fluid to the brakes on vehicles. When the pump has malfunctioned, it can be hard to get an automobile to stop correctly when depressing the brake pedal. While more than one issue can be contributed to a vehicle not stopping, the…

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Automotive Fuse Blocks for Sale

A 12V 30A fuse box is used in cars, trucks, SUVs and vans to provide power to a range of equipment. Each fuse inside of the mechanism is rated for specific flows of electricity. All automakers rely on the use of electrical junction boxes in two-door and four-door automobiles. LCP provides OEM automotive fuse boxes…

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Drive Belt Tensioner Replacement Units

The automotive serpentine belt, aka drive belt, is an important part of the operation of a motor block. The correct tension needs to be present in the mechanism to ensure that the engine is running at peak performance. The mechanical parts include a pulley system that can be off base, rattle or have another problem…

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Seat Belt Retractor Replacements Used

Repairing a seat belt usually requires replacement of the retractor unit. During the 1950s to the early 1980s, automobiles were constructed with lap and shoulder belt systems that were mechanical. Digital technology changed the safety features on many vehicles over the past three decades. LCP provides used seat belt retractor units for sale at cheaper…

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Discount Heater Core Units OEM

When no heat is available inside of a vehicle, the likely cause is a bad heater core. Many automobile owners experience such a problem during the length of time a car, truck, van or SUV is owned. Most dealerships service recently purchased vehicles although most problems can occur with a used vehicle. Trying to find…

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Used Harmonic Balancers for Sale Prices

The vibration that comes from the crankshaft in a vehicle must be absorbed by components to ease the ride of all passengers in an automobile. The harmonic balancer is the key to leveling out the noise and impact from pot holes, cracks or other imperfections on roadways. LocateCarParts.com promotes used harmonic balancers for all vehicle…

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Junk Yards in Cartersville, GA

What are the best auto junk yards in Cartersville, GA? Car owners in Bartow County can ask questions like this on the web. The opportunity to search privately from home for over a million components is what this LocateCarParts.com website provides. There are local scrap yards and there are statewide yards. Every one of the…

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Junk Yards in Charleston, WV

The salvage yards around Charleston, WV providing parts on sale at this website help consumers daily. What used to take a few days to find offline is now found here in seconds. There are not too many reliable referrals in the local area anymore. When one person has a great experience, another person can have…

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