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Used Powertrain Control Modules

Computers used in vehicles now include the PCM or powertrain control module. These devices have been installed since the early 1980s in order to give directions on how components should work when the engine is in operation. While software controlled auto manufacturing is not new technology, more control surfaces are being installed into late model…

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Used Car Headlights for Sale

Car headlight replacements are a big decision for the user of any brand of automobile. Will a bulb fit? Do I have all of the screws? Do headlights need a gasket? A person can have numerous questions even before going through a checkout to buy used car headlights for sale. LocateCarParts.com brings the inventory of…

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Passenger Side View Mirrors

OEM mirrors for automobiles are often cheaper than universal mirror replacements. Because there are no guarantees an aftermarket unit will fit perfectly, it is usually best to go with a recommended automaker build. The right passenger mirror is one of the most common auto parts that is replaced on most cars, SUVs, trucks and vans…

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Used Car Rims for Sale

Car wheels and rims do make great buys when purchased as used. Few consumers who spend time shopping at hometown auto parts stores have the opportunity to get a like-new OEM wheel for a good price. Shopping the second hand market can be a resourceful method of saving money and connecting with national suppliers. LocateCarParts.com…

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Rebuilt 4L60E Transmission

Turbo hydra-matic gearboxes changed in the 1990s when GM made big discoveries in new technologies. The 4L60 series was introduced to be the first all-purpose build to use electronic torque conversion. While the longitudinal design was kept, the interior of each assembly was updated for common and heavy-duty use. A person seeking any RPO code…

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Used Ford Taurus 3.0 Engine

The 3.0 was the Ford V6 engine used in the Taurus until the year 2007. More than 20 years of development was placed into the Vulcan block by Ford Motor Company. The mid-size and full-size editions of the Taurus are still in operation in most parts of the world. Regardless of the body style or…

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Automobile Center Consoles

The consoles now used inside cars, trucks, SUVs or vans are built to last for import and domestic installations. New polymers are now used to make plastic stronger and less susceptible to cracking like in older vehicles. Both European and American style automobile center consoles can be purchased right on this website. The good news…

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Cheap Car Hoods for Sale

Recycled parts for cars do include OEM hoods found for a sale price online. The difference between the MSRP at an automotive dealership and what a retailer sells parts for is known as the discount price. When buying through salvage sellers, cheap car hoods for sale can be found although quality levels do vary. This…

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Used Front Fender for Sale

All sedans, coupes, sports cars, SUVs, trucks and vans each have certain front body parts that are identical. A fender is a major portion of the structure of a vehicle and is often the hardest to repair. It is possible to buy a used front fender for sale by going to an auto dealership. The…

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Cheap Used Tail Lights for Sale

All vehicles built after 1945 use tail lights in the U.S. Replacement versions can be scarce depending on the car or truck type that is required. OEM manufacturing involves installing right and left lighting systems at the front and rear of every motor vehicle. Getting the best prices in the salvage industry buying cheap used…

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Used Ignition Switches for Sale

Every car, truck, SUV and minivan uses an ignition switch to start a combustion or diesel powered engine. These switches are integral parts of modern automotive manufacturing. A base unit installed OEM at an automaker facility could fail at any time. Automobile owners who end up having to replace a bad switch do have options…

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Used Fuel Pumps for Sale

Did your gasoline or diesel fuel pump fail? Getting your hands on a new replacement is not always simple. Shortages of American and import auto parts that are in used condition is a real problem for automotive components buyers. A reliable fuel delivery mechanism is required for every working motor. If you are considering buying…

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