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Rebuilt 4L60E Transmission

Turbo hydra-matic gearboxes changed in the 1990s when GM made big discoveries in new technologies. The 4L60 series was introduced to be the first all-purpose build to use electronic torque conversion. While the longitudinal design was kept, the interior of each assembly was updated for common and heavy-duty use. A person seeking any RPO code automatic transmission from GM can buy a rebuilt 4L60E transmission right from this website.

More than just the parts naming system was changed by General Motors to start the 1990s. The ever-popular 700R4 design laid the complete foundation of what was to become the new edition 4L60. The production years between 1993 and 1994 represented the official time period for installations in trucks, SUVs and vans. The control of specific shifting through pulse control modulation helped the 4L60E to sell well.

GM 4L60E 4×4 Transmissions

One thing that General Motors did right when planning the development of its 20th century gearbox technology was to add support for four-wheel drive. While many automatic transmissions were still simple 4-speed 2WD units, GM decided to make its larger electronic torque converter controlled builds capable of 4WD. Depending on the make and year of a vehicle, the RPO code of the 4L60E could be a little different.

Performance is the key when it comes to choosing any replacement transmission. Because remanufacturing takes precision, no two rebuilt assemblies will be exactly the same. A lot of engineer passion and experience is placed into every unit that is reconditioned professionally. The LocateCarParts.com company only supplies the top end gearboxes that are built using factory specifications from General Motors.

Certified Refurbished 4-Speed Automatics

A certification of rebuilder work performed is important for a consumer to receive. There are different variations of 4L60E gearboxes that are found searching the web. Cutting through the modified versions can be difficult to get to the factory only models. The process of checking the gears, clutch plates, solenoids and casing for issues prior to the rebuild helps to remove the threat of a future problem during usage.

A reconditioned 4L60E transmission can be comparable in operation to an OEM build. Usually the only element that is different is the count of mileage. Both the standard edition and HD versions used in GM vehicles for the 4-speed automatic can be purchased using this website.

Buy Rebuilt GM Transmissions for Sale

A good depot to purchase automatic gearbox assemblies for General Motors vehicles is featured here. While some retailers showcase what is not really in stock, any build that is found using the instant location tool here can be purchased. It only takes a price quote to understand how valuable a reconditioned 4-speed gearbox will be to a vehicle owner or mechanic. No personal data is ever collected when using this automotive components portal.