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Seat Belt Retractor Replacements Used

Repairing a seat belt usually requires replacement of the retractor unit. During the 1950s to the early 1980s, automobiles were constructed with lap and shoulder belt systems that were mechanical. Digital technology changed the safety features on many vehicles over the past three decades. LCP provides used seat belt retractor units for sale at cheaper prices online.

Replacement Seatbelt Parts Overview

The retractable seat belts that are now installed in vehicles built after 1983 have a motorized system. These include a tensioner and a spring driven mechanism that must work together for solid performance. To fix a seat belt retractor, the old unit must be disassembled to get to the brackets to install a new module. Any tangles or other issues must be addressed prior to installation a replacement belt retractor.

Types of Automobile Seat Belts

The most common replacement units are two-point and three-point systems. Some OEM manufacturing is meant strictly for a two or three belt assembly. Regardless if the system is mechanical or powered, the tensioner must be replaced with the correct parts. Typically, a driver complains about the mechanism being stuck or slower than normal when a problem is first discovered.

Apart from the original modules for sale on this website, there are universal components built to offer on the aftermarket for auto parts. These units are not guaranteed to fit and could be problematic during an installation. A buckle replacement or belt replacement can be completed without going to an automaker service center for assistance.

Pretensioner Belt Replacement Costs

The typical auto repair for a seat belt can cost between $250 to $750. These averages are estimates and can be higher or lower in local markets. Taking up the slack is the job of the pretensioner and this component is a major part of the retractor mechanism. For the average person, a usual repair can be completed in a couple of hours using the correct belt parts.

Prices for Used Driver or Passenger Belts

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All spare parts for seat belts are original units that were removed right from working automobiles. Freight discounts or incentives for shipping are supplied to all consumers who shop here. Instead of going into a local Autozone, CarPartsPlus or other retail source, find the best prices for preowned seat belt parts for sale at LCP.