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Used Transmission Control Modules

The automatic transmission now receives control from smart modules that are produced by automakers globally. The sensors inside the module are an upgrade to the classic governor units found in hydraulic gearboxes. All vehicles built after 1990 have one or more modules controlling different aspects of speed and shifting. LCP provides access to find and buy used transmission control modules from the largest junk yards in North America.

TCM Electronic Drive Train Parts

Computer programming is the main source of knowledge inside of the TCM units now produced for motor vehicles. Along with a series of switches, the computer provides a series of programmed routines to the clutch mechanism and speed control sensor. The use of smart transmission controls is popular although DIY programming is hard to grasp. Many dealerships provide re-programming of TCM modules, but this does come with a higher than standard price tag.

Automobiles that are OBD-II compliant can be tested for proper functionality. The most common error code for a control module is known as the P0700. This is the first sign that an error has been detected. When a person tests a module, an indicator lamp could be lit or slipping might be noticeable during vehicle operation. Since the ECU works with the TCM, each module requires testing prior to making a determination that a problem exists.

4 Transmission Control Module Issues

1. Gearbox Starts in 2nd Gear
2. Sluggish Shifting at High Speeds
3. Reverse Gear Does Not Work
4. Overheated Case Assembly

Automobiles will usually not start in park when a TCM issue is detected. Some automakers have limp or limp home mode that might interfere with the normal operation of a working module. The instrument cluster could have an illumination light that warns of an impending issue in the gearbox. The wiring harness might have tears or a cold solder joint that should be addressed.

Brands of TCM Modules Available

A person can find Ford, GMC, Chevy, Eagle, Jeep, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, DSM, Honda, Suzuki, Toyota, Acura, BMW, Infiniti, VW, Land Rover, Mercury, Buick, Dodge, Ram and other brands of transmission control modules for sale on this website. All parts are certified used and are pulled from OEM manufactured vehicles.

Costs for Used TCM Units Online

To accurately estimate the cost for a repair or a replacement, the vehicle type should be known. LocateCarParts.com provides the largest interchange system of used automotive parts and accessories available to search. Each partner company has been verified for inventory and the actual selling price that is displayed here.

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