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Used ABS Pump for Sale OEM Pullouts

The pump used inside of anti lock brake systems is responsible for delivering hydraulic fluid to the brakes on vehicles. When the pump has malfunctioned, it can be hard to get an automobile to stop correctly when depressing the brake pedal. While more than one issue can be contributed to a vehicle not stopping, the most common problems are with the delivery of fluid. LCP will provide a used ABS pump for sale to people using this components website.

Understanding the Anti Lock Brake System

The pump, sensors, delivery lines, controller valves and other components makeup the entire ABS unit. One of all of these parts can be the cause of an unexpected error. What does an ABS pump do? That is one question that average automobile owners like to ask a mechanic when something goes wrong. The pressurization of the hydraulic fluid is what helps keep brakes from slipping when pedals are pressed during vehicle motion.

Warning Signs of Pump Failure

1. Automobile Jerks When Stopping
2. ABS Light is Illuminated
3. OBD Error Codes are Present
4. Little Resistance During Electrical Testing
5. Fluid Leaks

It is expensive for most anti lock bake pump repair jobs. Finding a local mechanic is only part of the problem for a car owner. The diagnosis of a pump failure must be accurate. It is easy to spend a lot of money and later find out that a different problem exists.

Additional Brake Parts Available

The relay, speed sensor, control module, harness, valves, rings, pressure delay module and hydraulic components can also be ordered along with the ABS pumps in stock. Every part available on this website is certified as used condition. These have been computer tested, in most cases, in order to verify the condition. Because these components are factory built, these are guaranteed to fit unlike an aftermarket version purchased locally.

Pump Repair Replacement Units in Stock

Price is what most people want to find before making an order through a reseller or distributor. The price for a brand new ABS system is about $600 to $1000 on average. When buying pump assemblies or parts preowned, the total cost is only a fraction of the MSRP. LocateCarParts.com has one-on-one relationships with automobile salvage partners within the United States in order to distribute what is listed as available.

If a person using this portal can supply a vehicle year and automaker, the system presented on this website can be used to find price data. If there are shipping charges related to a pump or other component, these will be provided when a system match is provided. Every pump or related part has a short-term warranty plan for coverage attached. This is now standard in the second hand automotive industry to protect the public at the retail level.