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Used Car Headlights for Sale

Car headlight replacements are a big decision for the user of any brand of automobile. Will a bulb fit? Do I have all of the screws? Do headlights need a gasket? A person can have numerous questions even before going through a checkout to buy used car headlights for sale. LocateCarParts.com brings the inventory of auto salvage companies right to automotive customers in the U.S.

Adaptive and LED Headlights

The regular Edison base bulbs that are found in vehicles built before the year 2000 are by far the most common replacement units. A coupe or sedan vehicle that was built at the start of the millennium likely has LED or adaptive bulbs. Knowing which type is needed and how to choose the right set will help.

What are adaptive car headlights? Auto focusing is the technology behind the adaptive lighting systems found in import and American vehicle production. The fixed beam pattern is designed to change if outside conditions that are monitored by car sensors change. The speed at which a vehicle travels or temperature fluctuations will expand or retract a fixed beam in an adaptive headlight fixture.

Heat has been a problem inside of lighting assemblies since the early days of auto manufacturing. Because light emitting diodes are virtually heat free, automakers have started to use these bulbs in more vehicles. This type of lighting is still controlled by a computer although the useful life of each LED is rated for a longer period of time.

Xenon or Halogen Car Headlights

The Edison base bulbs can be either halogen or xenon types. Some people say that a xenon bulb is a lot dimmer compared to a halogen bulb due to the blue haze that is emitted. Knowing how to find out which bulb is compatible with a motor vehicle will go a long way to helping a person choose a replacement headlight. Auto companies generally recommend a certain voltage and use period for replacement headlight bulbs.

Do car headlights come with an assembly? Most lights purchased in OEM condition from a salvage source do not come with the assembly. There are three parts to a basic lighting setup. The lens, bulbs and assembly housing. The bulbs and lenses could be fixed together or sold separately. The vehicle make and the model year will determine who each unit can be purchased.

Buy Used Automobile Headlights Online

LocateCarParts.com supplies what might be the best source of preowned OEM automobile headlights nationally. Every salvage and recycler that is featured in the consumer database on this website is a top company. What this means is a much better retail price in comparison to what a person will find at a car parts store. When buying OEM headlights, a person does not have to worry if they will fit or last for a long period of time.