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Used Car Rims for Sale

Car wheels and rims do make great buys when purchased as used. Few consumers who spend time shopping at hometown auto parts stores have the opportunity to get a like-new OEM wheel for a good price. Shopping the second hand market can be a resourceful method of saving money and connecting with national suppliers. LocateCarParts.com offers every person the chance to buy used car rims for sale at super affordable prices in the USA.

Multi-Bolt Car Wheels

A person who has never replaced a rim or wheel on a vehicle might have trouble choosing the right unit. Apart from the color choices, the single most important decision that must be made is deciding on the OEM bolt pattern. The framing of every wheel is different. While automakers do install one or more types, it is the pattern of bolts that are essential to know before buying wheels.

A phrase known as cross-fitting is sometimes used in sports car manufacturing to allow more aftermarket wheels to be installed. This process usually does not work for a standard import or American manufactured vehicle. Automakers are very strict in how the design and creation of all four tire rims comes together. When searching secondary auto parts on the web, validating the bolt pattern is crucial.

Hub Centric OEM Rims for Cars

Unlike buying aftermarket automobile wheels, OEM installs are nearly 100% hub centric. The center point of each axle is known prior to manufacturing the rim. Original equipment installs are automaker factories usually require balancing of the wheels and double checking the hub rings to make sure a fit will be precise. Someone who will buy used car wheels for sale should be looking for hub centric replacements.

Spoke patterns are also important during researching a vehicle rim replacement. A rim could be hub centric although not match up correctly with the chosen rim style. By sticking with original automaker replacements, a person can avoid a mismatch between spoke styles. The variety in spokes for foreign and domestic vehicles does slightly complicate research for a set of used automobile rims.

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Choosing a replacement rim package for a car should now be a little simpler for the average automobile owner. The price packages for aftermarket and non-OEM rims can differ greatly. All auto salvage car parts that are for sale through this website are in top condition.

The rims are sold in individual or paired sets to provide an easy front or rear tire replacement. An approximate price for any automaker build can be obtained through usage of the automated inventory tool found right on this page. Fixing up used cars, trucks, SUVs or vans is easy when the right resources are available.