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Used Ford Taurus 3.0 Engine

The 3.0 was the Ford V6 engine used in the Taurus until the year 2007. More than 20 years of development was placed into the Vulcan block by Ford Motor Company. The mid-size and full-size editions of the Taurus are still in operation in most parts of the world. Regardless of the body style or chassis design, what most people remember is the power of the motor. Current sale prices for a used Ford Taurus 3.0 engine can be found on this website.

Vulcan V6 3.0-Liter Engines

After its design and manufacturing were complete in 1986, the Vulcan 60-degree motor block was selected for inclusion in the newly created Taurus sedan. While the actual displacement is only 2986 cc, the cast iron block and cylinder system more than made up for any shortfalls in rated power levels. The popular OHV value system was selected for the fuel injected 3.0-liter.

The original Vulcan V6 was updated numerous times before its demise in the 2008 year. A series of power updates helped the original 140 horsepower become upgraded to the 155 horsepower range. As the official replacement to the 2.9-liter block, the 3.0 was a massive success at Ford for its smaller vehicle brands.

Duratec 30 V6 Taurus Motor

In the year 1996, Ford started experimenting with its newest family of motors known as Duratec in the U.S. market. The V6 power level stayed the same although a DOHC block was introduced. The aptly named Duratec 3.0-liter took over as the main production engine for the Taurus, Fusion and other larger sedans. When a person researches a V6 replacement, both the Vulcan and Duratec models can be found.

There are 201 horsepower in the 3.0 Duratec motors. Although these included the latest technology from Ford, the original units did not include the variable valve timing system. The SFI fuel injection system was another update that proved to be the demise of the original Vulcan 3.0-liter Taurus engine. When buying motors in used condition, making certain that the VIN numbers match will help someone get an exact unit.

Buy Used Taurus V6 Engines Online

Ford did everything right when marketing its famed Taurus sedan to global auto buyers. Aside from the popularity of the vehicle, the motors in V6 builds are still standing the test of time. Because of this secondary market resource here, anyone can pay less for a used 3.0 V6 motor. A simple search for model year and the make of a vehicle will return all motor pricing in one step.

To go with the supply of Ford Taurus 3.0 engines for sale, a warranty platform is available at no cost. This makes the value of a preowned motor a good buy for mechanics, automotive body shop parts buyers and current owners of a classic or late model Ford Taurus car.