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Engines that operate from combustion and not pressure require the right mixture of gasoline and air flow. A vehicle built after 1980 will have a series of pumps that are used to deliver required fuel and air mixtures to an engine. Before purchasing a used fuel pump for sale, knowing how these parts work can help someone prevent buying the wrong component.

Types of Fuel Pumps for Vehicles

There are generally two types of pumps that are used in auto manufacturing. These include a manual pump or an electronic pump. Vehicles built in the past 25 years make use of electronic controls that deliver the fuel and air mixture to combustion engines. Because a pump is often located inside of a fuel tank, essential operation of these units is crucial to a vehicle.

Electric pumps make use of a solenoid that provides the push or retraction of fuel through a series of rubber hoses. When the solenoid opens the diaphragm, fuel is allowed to travel in one direction. A closing rod is used as a cut off to make sure that no extra fuel is delivered when not requested by pressing a vehicle accelerator pedal or throttle mechanism.

Average Life of a Vehicle Fuel Pump

All new vehicles receive what are known as OE or OEM parts. These are components that are installed by automakers. When these components are brand new, a warranty period is applied to make certain that no defects will prevent proper operation. Most experts agree that a car, truck or van fuel pump will last around 100,000 miles and sometimes less. Electric pumps have more parts that can fail due to electricity shorts and corrosion compared to a mechanical pump.

3 of Causes Fuel Pump Failure

A common cause of a bad fuel pump is the burned out solenoid. Because this component opens and closes multiple times during vehicle operation, constant usage can lead to deterioration. Frozen or punctured fuel lines can also be the cause of a pump failure because water or ice make their way into the gas tank. High ethanol fuel usually has more moisture content and can slowly degrade the operation of a fuel pump. A person who has experienced any of these issues likely needs to make a replacement.

Where to Buy a Used Fuel Pump Online

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