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Used Power Steering Motor

The days of using hydraulic fluid to regulate steering are now over in the automotive industry. More automakers are now using electronic steering controls that make it simpler for a driver to make right and left handed turns. An important part of any modern steering module is the control system. It is easy to buy a used power steering motor using the inventory locator on this website.

How to Diagnose EPS Problems

Many modern vehicles now use a position sensor to help a module determine where the center position of the steering wheel is located. Sensors are often tuned to make certain that the right amount of fluid is delivered when a wheel is turned left or right. Sensors, solenoid switches, motors and gear problems can all be part of a non-functional power steering system.

Replacing an Electric Power Steering Motor

For experienced car mechanics, the procedures used to replace a defective motor can be easier thanks to modern technology. The average car owner can struggle though when undertaking any repair task. The diagnosis of a bad motor and not a solenoid or sensor is the first step in replacing a complete assembly.

The average lifespan of a power steering motor is around the 100,000 mileage market. There are some car owners who have had a failure before this point although this could be the result of a manufacturing defect. There are aftermarket and OEM versions of steering pumps that can be purchased through respected websites like this one.

Replacement Power Steering Parts Available

The most common parts when a defective motor is not the culprit can be varied. A pinion shaft, drive belt, rack steering, pinion housing, torque sensor and a ball mechanism make up the majority of automaker steering systems. While the electronic controls can be easier and cheaper to replace, a person could have one or more problems that prevent the normal operation of a steering mechanism.

Power Steering Motor Replacement Cost

Costs vary nationally for motors due to the fact that both American and foreign auto companies now design and distribute components. When taking into account the aftermarket parts available, a person has many options to find a low price. The LocateCarParts.com website is one of few resources that gives consumers access to near wholesale prices for OE, OEM, rebuilt and used automotive steering parts.

The intuitive search finder that is installed on the top of this page can relieve a body shop owner, vehicle owner, junkyard parts buyer or other person when navigating the web to find replacement steering motors for sale. Exact inventory, package delivery times and warranty details are provided with each search.