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Used Power Steering Pumps All Models

Hydraulic fluid is now used in most power steering pumps found in all brands of automobiles. The average person learns quickly how much a replacement pump can cost when a problem is noticed. To avoid paying high mechanic fees, many people are turning to the salvage industry to find preowned auto parts for sale. The quality of construction is very good and components do last for a number of years. LCP provides pricing for used power steering pumps for sale on this website.

How Steering Pumps Work

The pumping action require a fluid reservoir that is interconnected to a rack and pinion system. Most vehicles use some type of mechanical process to move fluid from the steering system to each set of tires. Problems can and do happen regularly with bearings and other components that have lost their shape. A wheel that is harder than normal to turn could have a leak in a delivery hose or problem with a bearing preventing proper operation.

Common Power Steering Faults

1. Bad Tie Rods
2. Irregularly Inflated Tires
3. Leaking Hydraulic Fluid
4. Excessive Noise
5. Cracked Reservoir
6. Loose or Frayed Drive Belt

A very common issue that might be the first sign that a pump needs to be replaced is a loud noise when the steering column is turned. While some pumping systems are louder than others, the grinding in a bad mechanism is unmistakable. To swap a power steering pump with a used OEM model, it is imperative to select the right junk yard that has better condition components.

Brands of Pumps in Stock

Pumps complete with a working motor are what are for sale on this LCP website. AMC, Acura, Audi, BMW, Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Eagle, Honda, Infiniti, Toyota, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mercury, Cadillac, Buick, Kia, Hyundai, Datsun, Geo, Jaguar, Lexus and other known automotive companies. While many auto companies outsource the production of a factory built power steering pump, there are retailer selling reconditioned units online.

Costs to Replace Power Steering Systems

Pumps are not the only component that is an integral part to the steering system used in many vehicles. Hydraulic parts do require the right type of fluid and this fluid must be filled to the proper level. A wiring issue can prevent a unit from dispersing fluid to the various points of entry for right and left turns. Cracks in a belt can be cheaper to fix although some people opt to spend the money on a preowned pump to help cut costs.

The national average for steering system repair is $300 on the low end and $450 or more on the high end. This does not include ordering components through a dealership, mechanic or online reseller. LocateCarParts.com has the only real time price quotation system for automatic pump assemblies. A person can tap into this interchange network on this page or call the customer support number provided for more assistance.