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Used Powertrain Control Modules

Computers used in vehicles now include the PCM or powertrain control module. These devices have been installed since the early 1980s in order to give directions on how components should work when the engine is in operation. While software controlled auto manufacturing is not new technology, more control surfaces are being installed into late model vehicles in this decade. The purchases of used powertrain control modules happens here daily.

Replacement PCM or ECU Modules

The good part about a control module is that they can be replaced by a mechanic or through a DIY process. The bad part about these units is that they could need reprogrammed to work properly. Before considering the purchase of a PCM in OEM or used condition, it is important to know that programming is an additional cost. There are many reasons why a computer module inside of a vehicle can fail without warning.

What does a PCM control? Depending on the automaker brand, a computerized module could be controlling emissions, fuel delivery, braking systems or automatic transmission assemblies. There are aftermarket or original automaker computer modules that can be purchased on the open market. Knowing which replacing to buy and how much money to spend is helpful.

Preowned OEM Import and Domestic PCM

Automakers recommend that the original programming not be changed in an electronic computer system. The advantage that a person has when going with an OE unit is that these can be programmed by a mechanic using a special device. When buying an aftermarket build, there is no guarantee that the software will be correct once it is installed or programmed into a unit. This LocateCarParts.com website only specializes in referring pricing for OEM PCM modules that can be purchased online.

There are many symptoms that a car owner could experience when a powertrain control module is on the blink. A stalling engine, non-starting ignition, check engine light not going off or sluggish performance of a motor are signs a module is defective. In most repair cases, a person can buy a second hand PCM module and be up and running quickly. There is usually no different between PCM or ECU in the automotive industry.

Buy Cheap Powertrain Control Modules

The quotation process on this website works differently than at other companies. Instead of a single retail price, a person submits a price research request and is then offered a range of pricing. Since a used PCM can be provided by nearly any auto salvage company, the range in sticker pricing will always be greater through use of this website.

The preowned powertrain control systems that are offered here do come with a seller warranty. What this means to a consumer is that an install will be covered against a component failure. Changing out a car, truck, SUV or van PCM is much easier when the security of a warranty is available.